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Final Release Cover for Book 1

Robert’s new mega-novel trilogy is in the final stages of pre-release.

Book One Cover Synopsis:

A Source-Singer activates The-Pillars-of-Thoth hoping to find a savior for her world.  Beast-headed aliens from eons past have returned from the far reaches of the galaxy to enslave her people.   Her songspell energizes a transdimensional-gate into another world, breaks the most-forbidden taboo of the Huan Long Shui Order, and unintentionally summons the Guardian Dragons of Orion. 

Even worse, she awakens the WuShi.  Hidden deep within the Sleeping City, an alien artifical intelligence awakens and sees opportunity.  It tears an enormous gaping hole between worlds and finds a suitable yet innocent man who suits its needs. 

On Earth, a swirling gateway violently materializes in Elijah‚Äôs home.  Through the swirling dimensional rift, a terrified Elijah sees into another world where naked adherents dance around a flaming pentacle and a beautiful, flaming sorceress locks eyes on him from beyond. Before he understands what is happening, a young fire-dragon swoops out of the sky on her side of the transdimensional-arc and sets him ablaze. 

Eli does not die. Instead, the WuShi claims him for itself, tears him apart, revivifies him, and terrifyingly transforms him from human into something else.