Comicon Cosplay 2023

Important –> please read the text box below this gallery, OK? There are freebies and caveats you really must know about!

  1. If your great cosplay image from FanExpo Denver on Sunday–07/02/23–shows up here, it means you gave me explicit verbal permission.
  2. Uploading to WordPress compresses the image. Also, I had to put them into < *.webp > format due to slow upload times. Therefore, your download from this website will also be compressed and a webp file. If you want the uncompressed version of the Luminar Neo processed image, or unprocessed JPEGS, contact me –>
  3. If I did not get you completely in the frame, it’s because of the 40mm NIKKOR micro/macro lens, which needs actual physical distance versus using a Zoom function, meaning I could not back far enough away.
  4. For obvious reason, I cannot use photos of children, or preteens, on this website unless their faces are fully masked–meaning they are unidentifiable. Still, I do have all of the photos I took. If yours does not show up in this gallery, send me an email at and we’ll see about getting all of the images I took of you sent via email –>
  5. I neither sell nor retain emails from such fan interactions. Once our interaction is complete, your email address will be permanently deleted by me, which means there will never be a bunch of spam coming at you from anything I ever did or ever will do.
  6. If you want updates about the Stolen Man Trilogy, please use my Mailchimp sign-up sheet by clicking this link.
  7. This is a very large batch of photo editing performed one at a time to remove as much background clutter and other people, who did not give permission for their images to be on the website. If yours is not here yet, please come back and check again after a couple of days.
  8. Enjoy and feel free to download the processed images!
  9. FYI — I Use Luminar Neo by Skylum with all current Extensions.