Cast of Characters

The JandariansHuman Inhabitants of Planet  Janaidar

The Sisteren — The Huan Long Shui Sisteren—meaning Sisters of the Magical Dragon Waters

High Priestess Lilith  —  The one and only Adept in the 13th circle, elderly and doddering Mother Matriarch, and holder of the  last ShahRen.

High Adept Yenara — Adept in the 12th circle, member of the Council of Four, Kulapti of the Huan Long Shui Order (or chancellor) and technically Alahna’s superior.

High Adept Alahna — Adept in the 12th circle, member of the Council of Four of the Huan Long Shui Sisteren. She is also Keeper of the Archives knows much about the history of Janaidar.

High Adept Deheune — Eventually becomes Senior-Song-Master.

High Adept Nehbet  —  Seniormost Song Master of the Sisteren for 20 years and member of the Council-of-Four.

Adept Selene — Adept in the 10th Circle .She  is Alahna’s acolyte and student-of-magic.

Adept Cailinn — Adept in the 10th Circle. She is held in affection by her Sisters, for her exactness to duty; sweet temperament; and gentle, confiding disposition.

Initiate Myrna  —  One of two young initiates of the Sisteren sent to Riverbend for help.

Initiate Teewan — The other of the two young initiates of the Sisteren sent to Riverbend for help.

Conrad Hunter — Alahna’s friend and arranger in Riverbend.

Esau — Conrad’s Friend.

Tarik — Conrad’s Friend

Maxfield  —  The Sisteren’s Hostler in Riverbend.

Dorak — Son of Maxfield in Riverbend.

Elijah the Stolen Man — Stolen from Earth to become the Techno-Warrior-Sage of Janaidar.

Oren  —  Old One-eyed Oren, Captain of the Dragon’s Breath Caravel, a four-masted schooner.

The WuShi — Ancient Alien Artificial Sapience

The WuShi is an AI that has lain suppressed beneath The-Sleeping-City on Cape Orion.  

Created 5000-years ago by the NuliZhu Tech-Masters, but long forgotten by them. The WuShi is held in the first state of consciousness by the Huan Long Shui Sisteren and Guardian Dragons of Janaidar.

The WuShi’s  States of Consciousness:

1st-State – East – Air – That-Which-Abides in Dull Abeyance – Zunshou De

2nd-State – South – Fire – The-Silent-Watcher in semi-sapience – Chenmo De Shouwang Zhe

3rd-State – West – Water – The-Sleeping-Evil in full-sapience – Xie De Shuimian

4th-State – North – Aerthe – The-Creeping-Darkness in hyper-sapience – Paxing De Heian

5th-State – Vertical – Void – The Weaver-of-Time – Shíjin de Binzhi Zhe

The Water Beast of the WuShi — In the 4th State as The-Creeping-Darkness, the WuShi is able to manifest the water-beast—a three-eyed alien demon of pure blackness whose eyes scintillate like bright red-and-glowing coals. The fangs in its gaping maw drip black venom. The demon’s impossible body is blue-blackness with flame-red outlines knitting waves of boiling, steaming water into an unimaginable form similar to a dark-matter demon.

The-Creeping-Darkness state, the WuShi has full control over its powers, but still needs a NuliZhu power-master, or the Guardian Dragons, to imbibe dark-energy for its accumulators. This is the state of intelligence the ancient-alien NuliZhu Tech-Masters most feared.

Dragons of Orion on Planet Janaidar

Bo YouYong — Guardian Dragon of the Western Sentinel’s Watch, Water Dragon, a long dragon.

Meili Chuan — Guardian Dragon of the Eastern Sentinel’s Watch, Air Dragon, also a long dragon

Quang Huo Yan — Guardian Dragon of the Southern Sentinel’s Watch, Fire Dragon

Tai Deren — Guardian Dragon of the Northern Sentinel’s Watch, Earth Dragon

Tianmi DeHuo — HuoJi’s dame and Quang HuoYan’s mate

HuoJi — Offspring of Quang and Tianmi, also a Fire Dragon

YuLong — The old one, an imperial  long-dragon slumbering in Deep Time  guarding The-Sleeping-City . He is also Keeper of the Flaming Pearl of Wisdom.

Jade Queen — The dark sorcery of the Baneful Chaos transformed YuLong’s mate into a malachite statue.

YueLiang Nushen — The Star Dragon Moon Goddess, Guardian of the Void and the Lunar Sentinel’s Watch, the one and only source-dragon.  She sleeps in deep time on the Riven Moon.

NuliZhu Long-headed Aliens and Their Genetically Modified Soldiers

Anubisen — Jackal-headed who is a genetically modified soldier (genmosol). Third down in the tiered subcaste system of genetically designed warriors.

Sekhmeten — Lion-headed genmosol, fourth down from the top of the tiered subcaste system of purpose-designed NuliZhu.

Sobeksen — A  croc-headed genmosol at the bottom of the tiered subcaste system. Well known for their vengeful and bellicose nature, making them excellent ground troops, their true purpose when properly assigned.

Lord Amenakh — Ship’s Lord, or Captain, of the Ophois Asenath spacecraft-carrier. He is an anubisen or jackal-head.

Khutenptah — The Mighty Vizier, cousin to Pharoah  Harema Ket  III. Khutenptah is the slaving expedition’s sponsor and is a NuliZhu long-headed humanoid.

Sethnakhtei — Dreaded Holy One, the Sem Priest of Ra is an ascetic and fanatic of the Holy Order of Ra is a NuliZhu long-headed humanoid.

Sitkamose — A fire control technician, in charge of the weapons control aboard the Asenath, an anubisen jackal-head.

Nakhtmin — Commander of the spacecraft saucer-destroyer YuanFen, a lion-headed sekhmeten.

NuliZhu Tech-Masters — also known as power-mastersoriginally forced the Dragons of Orion to help them build the WuShi  and Plaza of the Forbidden Gate on planet Janaidar, then enslaved peoples from every race of ordinary humans on Olde Aerthe  over 5000-years ago.

Human Technisans of The Empire of Ra are also known as The JishuYan

The JishuYan are the descendants of the Earthlings enslaved by the NuliZhu over 5,000-years ago, abducted to planet Janaidar (in a sidereal  dimension), then subsumed  by the Galactic Empire of Ta Shemau where they were subjected to a program of selective breeding. Eventually, they became a galaxywide caste of technician’s, who operate everything in the Empire of Ta Shemau both civilian and military.

The JishuYan also build and operate the great planetary industrial complexes and planetary mines throughout the Galactic Empire of Ta Shemau.

The JishuYan are the finest technicians in the entire multiverse, and comprise the greater segment of the Ophois Asenath spacecraft-carrier’s complement  making everything work, including: engines, propulsion and maneuvering; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning; plumbing, sewer and water purification systems; weapons systems; and gravity-generators; as well as all maintenance and janitorial functions — most especially including firefighting.

Remy — Ship’s Maintenance Senior Officer (SMSO) aboard the NuliZhu ancient space carrier Asenath.  From the Shipwide-Operations-Center (SOC) she manages all the technisans   

Mernebtah — Part of Genubeth and Remy’s crèche.

Genubeth — Cargo and Manifest Officer, like all technisans he wears Hathor’s Crown.

Djedhor — SMSO of the YuanFen spacecraft used as a planetary slave-raiding ship.

Tjuyu — Ship’s Maintenance Junior Officer for the Ophois Asenath.