The WuShi

The WuShi — Ancient Alien Artificial Sapience

The WuShi is an AI that has lain suppressed beneath The-Sleeping-City on Cape Orion.  

Created 5000-years ago by the NuliZhu Tech-Masters, but long forgotten by them. The WuShi is held in the first state of consciousness by the Huan Long Shui Sisteren and Guardian Dragons of Janaidar.

The WuShi’s  States of Consciousness:

1st-State – East – Air – That-Which-Abides in Dull Abeyance – Zunshou De

2nd-State – South – Fire – The-Silent-Watcher in semi-sapience – Chenmo De Shouwang Zhe

3rd-State – West – Water – The-Sleeping-Evil in full-sapience – Xie De Shuimian

4th-State – North – Aerthe – The-Creeping-Darkness in hyper-sapience – Paxing De Heian

5th-State – Vertical – Void – The Weaver-of-Time – Shíjin de Binzhi Zhe

The Water Beast of the WuShi — In the 4th State as The-Creeping-Darkness, the WuShi is able to manifest the water-beast—a three-eyed alien demon of pure blackness whose eyes scintillate like bright red-and-glowing coals. The fangs in its gaping maw drip black venom. The demon’s impossible body is blue-blackness with flame-red outlines knitting waves of boiling, steaming water into an unimaginable form similar to a dark-matter demon.

The-Creeping-Darkness state, the WuShi has full control over its powers, but still needs a NuliZhu power-master, or the Guardian Dragons, to imbibe dark-energy for its accumulators. This is the state of intelligence the ancient-alien NuliZhu Tech-Masters most feared.