What is a SijanPao?




or Simply a Pao

The Song-of-the-Spheres was a single measure songspell comprising four notes. Depending on the danger, a high-adept could sing four whole notes in a 4-count measure of 4/4 time spanning about 4-seconds, or sing a sphere-of-power into existence as quickly as four sixteenth notes in the duration of a single whole note of that same measure as four single syllables: na-na-na-na. If a Sister decided she needed protection inside a sphere-of-power field-of-force from something or someone, she could spawn a SijanPao in a solitary second.

On the island continent of Aryavartha on planet Janaidar, no person familiar with the Huan Long Shui Sisteren in their right mind would ever threaten a Sister, for she could spawn a SijanPao to protect herself; spawn another Pao outside the first in the next second; then take the threat inside the outer Pao; and fly 100-meters into the air in about another 10-seconds—about the same speed as the fastest sprinter on Janaidar could run a 100-meter dash on foot.

Hovering high in the sky in gravity defying fields-of-force, she could pause and chide with dire warnings laid on the threat or threats while they hovered subject to her will and in mortal fear of their lives; or perhaps negotiate under extreme duress; or simply eject them from her outer Pao and watch them fall to their death. If she felt merciful, she could even fly downward and take them back into a new outer Pao, then lower them safely to the ground meting out a truly terrifying object lesson.

Everybody knew about this, but none had ever seen it, for the Sisters were revered across the Huan Long Shui Dominion for their charity, generosity, healing abilities, and kindness. Nevertheless, this single frightening ability afforded a Sister of the Huan Long Shui a great deal of respect for a good reason no matter her rank. If you messed with one Sister, whether a lowly adept or the High Priestess herself, you messed with them all, and there was no hiding from them. In addition, nobody ever knew for sure whether they were dealing with a lesser-adept or high-adept, because the rings-of-rank on a Sister’s right arm were invisible unless she chose to display, and the Huan Long Shui Sisteren kept their secrets very close. The Sisters of the Huan Long Shui had other more frightening powers, too.