Book Three of the Stolen Man Trilogy is completed and in final edit polishing.

Gassed, paralyzed, and abducted onto an alien spacecraft-carrier in stationary orbit, the High Priestess and Elijah, the Stolen-man, struggle to survive horror, death, and mutilation while trying to escape.

Down on the planet, the Dragon Guardians of Janaidar power up the might and dominion of the ultimate weapon—The-Creeping-Darkness of the WuShi—as they prepare to engage the NuliZhu galactic-slavers in space-battle.

Elijah awakes on a conveyor belt unable to stir voluntary muscles except for his eyes as a massive alien androgyne approaches.

Myriad trillions of fully-automated background server-processes occupied the random-access-memory of an artificial-sapience as it reached out and into the alien spacecraft searching for the power-master and high-priestess, only to find compatible resonance with the server-processes of the ancient-alien technology. Hiding its presence from the galactic-slavers, it easily insinuated itself into the complex systems of the ages-old spacecraft-carrier.

A jackal-headed alien notices her console come alive, pulse, and buzz with never-before-heard sounds.

Also taken on board during that same slaving raid, the murderous usurper and sorceress, Yenara, attacks the alien and otherworldly human crews. Glorious in her depravity, she consumes rampant enemy life-elixir as she travels through the ship in her impervious field-of-force—a SijanPao. The galactic-slavers soon realize that a dreadfully powerful combatant from the mud-ball below had slipped undetected into their midst.

On the surface of planet Janaidar, a great space habitat majestically breaks the surface of the Shenlan Sea. Elder long-dragons entered the city-sized dodecahedron to activate enormous gravity-generators. Whereupon, the huge construct rose from the ocean with vast sheets of water pouring from her sides.