The JishuYan Technisans

The JishuYan Technisans, Human Slaves of The Empire of Ra

The JishuYan are the descendants of the Earthlings enslaved by the NuliZhu over 5,000-years ago, abducted to planet Janaidar (in a sidereal  dimension), then subsumed  by the Galactic Empire of Ta Shemau where they were subjected to a program of selective breeding. Eventually, they became a galaxywide caste of technician’s, who operate everything in the Empire of Ta Shemau both civilian and military.

The JishuYan also build and operate the great planetary industrial complexes and planetary mines throughout the Galactic Empire of Ta Shemau.

The JishuYan are the finest technicians in the entire multiverse, and comprise the greater segment of the Ophois Asenath spacecraft-carrier’s complement  making everything work, including: engines, propulsion and maneuvering; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning; plumbing, sewer and water purification systems; weapons systems; and gravity-generators; as well as all maintenance and janitorial functions — most especially including firefighting.

Remy — Ship’s Maintenance Senior Officer (SMSO) aboard the NuliZhu ancient space carrier Asenath.  From the Shipwide-Operations-Center (SOC) she manages all the technisans   

Mernebtah — Part of Genubeth and Remy’s crèche.

Genubeth — Cargo and Manifest Officer, like all technisans he wears Hathor’s Crown.

Djedhor — SMSO of the YuanFen spacecraft used as a planetary slave-raiding ship.

Tjuyu — Ship’s Maintenance Junior Officer for the Ophois Asenath.