The Dragons

Dragons of Orion on Planet Janaidar

Bo YouYong — Guardian Dragon of the Western Sentinel’s Watch, Water Dragon, a long dragon.

Meili Chuan — Guardian Dragon of the Eastern Sentinel’s Watch, Air Dragon, also a long dragon

YueLiang Nushen — The Star Dragon Moon Goddess, Guardian of the Void and the Lunar Sentinel’s Watch, the one and only source-dragon.  She sleeps in deep time on the Riven Moon.

YuLiang Nushen

Quang Huo Yan — Guardian Dragon of the Southern Sentinel’s Watch, Fire Dragon

Tai Deren — Guardian Dragon of the Northern Sentinel’s Watch, Earth Dragon

HuoJi — Offspring of Quang and Tianmi, also a Fire Dragon

YuLong — The old one, an imperial  long-dragon slumbering in Deep Time  guarding The-Sleeping-City . He is also Keeper of the Flaming Pearl of Wisdom.

Jade Queen — The dark sorcery of the Baneful Chaos transformed YuLong’s mate into a malachite statue