Sleeping City of Janaidar

The Sleeping City Rises from the Shenlan Sea to engage in Battle with the Ophois Asenath — a NuliZhu spacecraft-carrier in orbit above Planet Janaidar

In the deep-submergence launch-conduit, Bo YouYong activated the magnetohydrodynamic pumps at the conduit mouth deep undersea, and a suction beneath XiangBhala overcame all natural buoyancy and she sank. Pushed by the weight of the sea rushing in above and pulled by the huge pumps evacuating the sea below and augmented by Bo’s elemental Powers-of-Water, the Sleeping-City rapidly exited the mouth of the launch conduit where the natural forces of buoyant displacement took over.

Still invisible from outer space, the great space habitat rose to the surface with Meili Chuan activating automatic Pitch and Yaw Attitude Control Systems as she initiated Acceleration Dampener Control and the Vector Management Analysis Gyros, while Bo took over the Astronavigation Control Systems Array. At length, the great dodecahedron city rose up and majestically broke the surface of the ShenLan Sea like a city-sized cork.

Back over 5,000-years ago via subtle, telempathic mind-control, the Elder Dragons had manipulated the NuliZhu Tech-Masters slavers into setting up the industrial centers of the entire island continent of Aryavartha so as to be well hidden from outer space. As a part of all this, they knew the great space-habitat would naturally rise above her normal waterline upon breaching the ocean surface. Taking advantage of the laws of buoyancy, air got pulled along XiangBhala’s now-exposed flanks by the Void Engines and pushed down into the water breaking the incredible suction at launch-from-surface. Abruptly, everybody on board XiangBhala felt the tug of planetary gravity fade.

Launch Tunnel of The Sleeping City

Illustration of The Sleeping City inside of the Outer Industrial City Complex where she was built in aa vast cavern beneath the Cape of Orion on Planet Janaidar showing how great dodecahedron exits through an underground sea-tunnel beneath the surface of the ShenLan Sea in order to escape detection from orbit during launch.

Notice how the Woodland Forest Level lies at sea level allowing access to a littoral, underground sea cave where sea lions abound as a source of protein for the inhabitants, as well as fishing from the beach of the sea cave whenever XiangBhala is occupied but not deployed for planetary defenses. This allows The Sleeping City to surface from the ShenLan Sea wherever the Guardian Dragons choose thus avoiding detection by warring spacecraft in orbit around Janaidar before XiangBhala is prepared for battle.

XiangBhala, The Sleeping City

Subconsciously stalling against the inevitable entry to such an accursed place, Alahna turned to Selene and proffered a brief history by waving her hands at the great mountain of basalt whose sheer cliff face towered into the sky. “The cape is hollow. Thus, the name Caverns of Orion. This is because an unknown number of hollow lava tubes connect the ancient volcanoes of Aryavartha to the ShenLan Sea from volcanic processes when Janaidar was young.

“An ancient-alien industrial complex lies within the gigantic cavern fully surrounding The-Sleeping-City itself, which is a vast dodecahedron. More than half of The-Sleeping-City rises up above street level within. Assuming the ancient NuliZhu methodology of measurement inherited by us to this very day are the same, the Huan Long Shui archives reveal the overall height of the dodecahedron as between 13-kilometers and 14-kilometers, but the truth of this lies buried in the dust-of-ages. The archives never name the surrounding industrial complex, so I made notes to deem it the Outer City of XiangBhala, which is actually the great dodecahedron we commonly refer to as The-Sleeping-City—two names, one place.

“In the Outer City of XiangBhala, great edifices such as apartments, tower-cranes, and unimaginably tall buildings with many, many floors of unknown purpose surround The-Sleeping-City with 1,000s of large and small machine systems whose varied purposes also lie long forgotten. The main level of the Outer City is higher than the beach for obvious reasons, but whether the Outer City delves deeper than sea level is unknown, but I suspect it does.”

Selene said, “If The-Sleeping-City is so tall, how does one gain entry?”

“I shall use a SijanPao. And when I reach the Outer-Complex-Entry fronting the Outer City, I must activate ancient techno-magic. Let us pray that after 40-years I still recall the activation sequence—a kind of hand-dance on a set of techno-runes that will hopefully appear and hang in the very air before me while I am still inside the sphere-of-power.

“From there, I will traverse the Outer City to reach the Lower Inner Portal of The-Sleeping-City. When Lilith and I came here so long ago, there was a bridge-of-force that conveyed whatever was needed to Inner Portal. From there i cross the The-Sleeping-City to the main-control-room known as the Almseeare. It lies within the base of the Central Obelisk between immense support columns. The archives purport the height of the Central Obelisk itself as 4-kilometers in height.”