Ancient Alien Technology and Spacecraft

Sampling of the Technology and Spacecraft

XiangBhala Sleeping City—The city sized polyhedral spacecraft’s void engines generate a rarefaction in the space-time continuum ahead of the polyhedron and a compression in the trailing continuum. As such, she is both pushed and pulled through space by the ubiquitous warp and weft of the space-time continuum itself. The heat build-up generated from continuum-vectoring is converted by the WuShi directly into electricity and stored as ether in its vast accumulators while employing a measure of it for internal, environmental stabilization—all completely under automated control.

HaiChuan—Categorical name of the flat-black, stealth-attack, pentagonal fighters. Pentagonal frigates discovered by Elijah in the Sleeping City aka the black-ships.

KoshuiSha—A blackship (HaiChuan).  The only operational prototype the NuliZhu left behind 5-millennia back. Its name literally means Slaver-killer or Killer-of-Slavers.

Ophois Asenath—A really old NuliZhu spacecraft carrier (spacecraft mothership) under the command of ex-military genetically modified soldier Lord Amenakh. There were four general material conditions for vessels in the NuliZhu Space Navy. These states-of-readiness were also generally applied to civilian ships such as the Asenath: Dock Material Condition(DMC); Underway Material Condition(UMC); Damage Control Material Condition(DCMC); and Battle Material Condition(BMC).

YuanFen—A destroyer-class combat escort the NuliZhu use to collect slaves.  It is the only one they have aboard the Asenath.  It is capable of Dark Matter Running (DMR) in a sidereal, superluminous universe (dimension).

Technology and Arcane Weapons

Crown-of-Ra or Hathor’s Crown—A device attached to all technisan’s heads with tiny vicious mounts into the lambdoid suture and occipital bone. A controlling device-of-enslavement the Priests of Ra use the manages the JishuYan technisans—human slaves of the Empire of Ra.

Atef Crown—The headpiece of Ra. A psionic helmet and mind-control device formed in the shape of an atef crown worn by Sethnakhtei, the Sem Priest of Ra.  Also in Sethnakhtei’s arsenal was the nekhakha (flail), a pain-generator; and the heka (crook), a near-field power-source for both the psi-helmet and the nekhakha.

Virtual-Control-Panel (VCP)—As used by the JishuYan: projections of the mind, and can be shared for others to see by multiplexed frequency modulation. These are the control panels that appear before them when they link to machines and mechanical systems.  As used inside the Sleeping City: VCP’s are more tactile and visible to all as real force-field projections to control constructs of all kinds.

Techno-speak—The language of the technisans that the NuliZhu and war-breds do not speak.

APEP Cobra Nuke—The planet buster, a Multiple Impact Reentry Vehicle(MIRV) with 13-warheads, each delivering a 100-megaton yield equal to 100-million tons of TNT. The overall punch of the Cobra, named after the NuliZhu cobra-god Apep—god of chaos and death—reached the equivalent of 1,300-million tons of TNT when sequentially deployed. Designed so that the first bomb impacts the planet’s crust and burns away as much as possible, the next bomb tunnels through the mushroom cloud and detonates much deeper, and so on, and so on until it shatters the molten or rocky core and the planet explodes.

Primary-Distance-Weapon—An electrical-resonance-transformer-cube that floats on top of the Central Obelisk inside XiangBhala; it provides electrical ether to each of the vertices of the city-sized dodecahedron’s pentagonal shield panels, which, in turn, power the always-activated force-fields encompassed therein. It is also the projection device for the SijanPao. The pentagonal panels of the great dodecahedron can generate humongous Boson Beams at any target.

ShahRen—In the category of weapons known as the Shuyi utilizing black energy. The fire ball (energy discharge) of a ShahRen is a black, roiling cloud of dark-energy shot through with lightning. ShahRen were not constructs of the WuShi, but parallel instrumentation attuned to the wielder’s mind that summoned the WuShi to form a wormhole to the nearest star, and channel energy at the direction of the wielder-adept or dragon—or even multiple dragons—whom the wielder-adept was in group-mind with. This was known as black-energy.

Shuyi—A category of weapons—of which the ShahRen is but one—that utilize black-energy. They have the same moniker as something else almost lost to time—The-Creeping-Death. A weapon-of-mass-destruction, wherein a life sapping mist of black-energy shot through with black-lightning descends upon the designated region killing every living thing en masse. The only defense is to be inside a Pao.