The NuliZhu Aliens

NuliZhu Long-headed Aliens and Their Genetically Modified Soldiers

Anubisen — Jackal-headed who is a genetically modified soldier (genmosol). Third down in the tiered subcaste system of genetically designed warriors.

Sekhmeten — Lion-headed genmosol, fourth down from the top of the tiered subcaste system of purpose-designed NuliZhu.

Sobeksen — A  croc-headed genmosol at the bottom of the tiered subcaste system. Well known for their vengeful and bellicose nature, making them excellent ground troops, their true purpose when properly assigned.

Lord Amenakh — Ship’s Lord, or Captain, of the Ophois Asenath spacecraft-carrier. He is an anubisen or jackal-head.

Khutenptah — The Mighty Vizier, cousin to Pharoah  Harema Ket  III. Khutenptah is the slaving expedition’s sponsor and is a NuliZhu long-headed humanoid.

Sethnakhtei — Dreaded Holy One, the Sem Priest of Ra is an ascetic and fanatic of the Holy Order of Ra is a NuliZhu long-headed humanoid.

Sitkamose — A fire control technician, in charge of the weapons control aboard the Asenath, an anubisen jackal-head.

Nakhtmin — Commander of the spacecraft saucer-destroyer YuanFen, a lion-headed sekhmeten.

NuliZhu Tech-Masters — also known as power-mastersoriginally forced the Dragons of Orion to help them build the WuShi  and Plaza of the Forbidden Gate on planet Janaidar, then enslaved peoples from every race of ordinary humans on Olde Aerthe  over 5000-years ago.