Magic of Planet Janaidar

Geises & Curses

The Geis-of-Protection—The snippet of programming that makes the WuShi assign a fire-dragon to a NuliZhu as protector. In their insecurity, the NuliZhu hard-coded into the WuShi a geis-of-protection on any fire-dragon it could find which forced the dragon to protect the NuliZhu individual with its life. This is why a fire-dragon must always accompany Elijah. It creates an agony-of-compulsion until satisfied. The fire-dragons also call this the Curse-of-the-WuShi.

The-Dreaded-Geis—The curse-of-immolation. The Sisteren’s ultimate punishment reserved for the most violent crimes. Results in the complete immolation of the perpetrator.

Confrontation-by-Source—When two adepts go at it in a battle to the death.

Curse-Cobra—Song-of-the-Hamadryad, a songspell that materializes a curse-cobra long enough to rise up and stare the victim in the eye. A forbidden songspell only the Keeper of the Curses would know. Old Nebhet was the Keeper of the Curses, and she knew the Song-of-the-Hamadryad, which she kept as part of her secret role.

The-Baneful-Chaos—The-Blasted-Sisters were a power-besotted sect of source-singers, who were corrupt, hedonistic, and practiced human sacrifice using black rituals and evil conjurations to enhance the purity of their dark arts. These practices were collectively called The-Baneful-Chaos. This became the moniker for the forces of lust, greed, and murder by life-force inhalation [gluttony] that eventually possessed High Adept Yenara when she misused the Shuyi ShahRen, an arcane weapon of black-energy.

Dragon Magic

Summoning—Name-magic in the formal forms of the Long Shai of the Elder Dragons, used when someone wants to call someone forth.  Like a geis, the named one must seek out the namer.

The Long Shai—Magical language of the dragons.

Dracomancy—The art of employing dragon-magic or acting on behalf of the dragons using their powers.

Flaming Pearl of Wisdom—The power of the Pearl is used for a specifically desired outcome. Yu Long gives this to Elijah which makes him Regent to the Dynasty of the Golden Dragon.

Passing of the Pearl—Ceremony to coronate a new Imperial Sovereign.

Group-Mind—Dragons telepathically combine their minds to effect an outcome across a group of people they wish to control. Also used for far-mind-speak across the solar system.

Song Spells

Song-of-Summoning—Sung by dragons to invoke a Pentaculum.

Song-of-Thoth’s Fire—Sung to toggle the Razing on the Pentakulum off and on.

Song-of-the-Sigil—Selene sings to create the Sigil-of-Opening at the Pillar’s of Thoth, the ancient ritual-of-opening.

Song-of-Secrets—Creates a zone of privacy.

Song-of-the-Voids—Sung in the Long Shai language of the Dragons, written by Alahna to find a hero by opening the Forbidden Gate. It causes the WuShi to generate a transdimensional-arc between the Pillars-of-Thoth at the Plaza-of-the-Forbidden-Gate.

Song-of-the-Healing-Waters—Sung when someone is immersed in water to heal them of their injuries or illness. This is driven by the power of the WuShi’s connection to water. This songspell also calls chi or life-elixir into the recipient as a tonic or restorative.

Song-of-the-Winds—Wind-song, used to call on the Powers-of-Air. Wind-singers use their powers to call up breezes strong enough to propel ships upriver to Riverbend and to cross the ShenLan Sea.

The Awakening—Huan Long Shui Order’s name for bringing the WuShi up into higher levels of consciousness.

Song-of-Successive-Deactivations—Used to sing the WuShi into lower and lower states of consciousness.

Emerald Katana—Eli’s sword made from the fangs of the emerald queen dragon. Imbued with dragon-magic along its surface, the almost imperceptible greenish aura from the sword flowed up Eli’s arm and surrounded his body.

Mind-lance—Power imbued into Eli. Using it, he can control or kill. It is also a power dragons have, and Yu long teaches Eli how to use it so he can defend himself. Eli eventually uses this directed killing power, amplified by the WuShi, as a weapon of mass destruction against the ZhuRen aka long-heads or Pures.

Magic of the Huan Long Shui Sisteren

SijanPao—Sphere-of-Power, A hollow sphere of time-shifted energy which the adept can spawn at will. Whether spawned or not, it parallels their life as a symbiote once initiated into the Huan Long Shui Sisteren by telepathically uniting her with the WuShi.

ChongtuPao—The actual combat mode of a Pao which can move as fast as thought.

Quaver—The Pao is ever present as potential or reality from the moment a Sister moves from inductee to acolyte. The truer purpose was as a Quaver, minimally composed of one source singer and one dragon, and up to seven source-singers and two dragons. In the extreme case, one dragon helps direct fire at enemies while the other coordinates battle-mind to prevent confusion. One adept manages each quadrant while another two manage respective top and bottom to provided fire in all directions or even coordinated volleys. The seventh adept is the one who owns the ChongtuPao and is responsible for vector navigation. By employing time-distortion, usually fast-time, depending on what is called for, the Quaver becomes an almost irresistible and indestructible, localized battle-construct.

ShahRen—The weapon worn by the High Priestess of the Huan Long Shui Sisteren on her wrist.  A high-adept with a ShahRen can expose an enemy to a lethal bath of radiation so hot it vaporizes them completely–no corpse left behind–without instantiating or firing a bolt of blackfire.

Magicfire—Source-energy azure flamelets summoned forth from the body of an adept during SijanPao or songspell when they control and command source-magic.

Source-fire—Leapt from the surface of the Pentakulum when heating up the Pillars-of-Thoth.

Sigil-of-Opening—A key that is sung into existence and can open things otherwise locked in such a way as to never be opened.

Chant-of-Quelling—Sung to keep the adherents on the Pentakulum safe from the Razing.

Ritual-of-Awakening—Ritual that triggers the WuShi to power up the Pillars-of-Thoth and generate a transdimensional-arc.

The Razing—The WuShi reduces transgressors on the Plaza-of-the-Forbidden-Gate to wind borne ashes with ineluctable heat. Long Pen Quan—The dragon fountains throughout Aryavartha where a life-size solid gold long-dragon statue gushes water into a pool or free-standing bowl large enough for a number of people to soak in. The Opal Basin is one such fountain at the Pillars-of-Thoth. The WuShi is able to manifest the water-beast through these fountains and any other source of water on planet Janaidar.