Dragons of Orion and Elijah, The Stolen Man, The Stolen Man Trilogy

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NuliZhu transgalactic slavers return after 5,000-years to harvest the peoples of Janaidar. High Priestess Alahna learns of these abductions, but nobody believes her. Disillusioned and outcast, she awakens the hyper-sapient WuShi—a formidable artificial-intelligence of evil and deadly design.

Finally awakened into its most dangerous state-of-consciousness as The-Creeping-Darkness, the WuShi tears a transdimensional-arc between worlds and searches. Silent and sinister, it finds an innocent man who suits its arcane needs and also fits Alahna’s desperate quest for a techno-warrior-sage.

Alahna’s so-called Awakening also summons the Guardian Dragons of Orion. Arriving too late, they find the Pillars-of-Thoth already cooling. Fearing the NuliZhu slavers will rediscover the WuShi, they decide to deactivate it. In fear of losing its new found sapience, The-Creeping-Darkness will not be forced back into dull abeyance and turns on the Huan Long Shui Sisters and Guardian Dragons.

On Earth, a swirling gateway violently materializes in Elijah’s studio. As he peers into Alahna’s world, a young fire-dragon swoops out of the sky and sets him ablaze. Abducted into Janaidar, his recovery at the Huan Long Shui Cavern Keep takes a terrifying twist when the WuShi transforms itself into a monster made of water and dark-energy, tears Elijah apart, and revivifies him as a NuliZhu Tech-Master.